Predictive Financial Services  Weekly Options Advisory

Today's Client Updates


​Sent at 9.25 am EST

Dear Client –  

This morning, we plan to buy –

HRB 23 Put that expires Friday (9/16) for $0.50 or less.

This is a Special Situation Monthly Position. This Limit price is tight.  It is possible that Orders will not be filled so please do not chase by buying above this Limit price. Given that this Limit price is tight, until this Buy order is filled, please watch your email carefully in case we decide to cancel the Order. If filled, we plan to place an immediate Sell price target @ 100% Gain or better based on the filled Buy price. We may revise Sell price targets later, meantime put this Sell price target in place.

We hold –

GOOG 767.50 Weekly Put that expires Friday (9/2), bought for $5.50.  For now, we plan to sell for $11.00 or more;

NFLX 97 Weekly Put that expires next Friday (9/9), bought for $1.89.  For now, we plan to sell for $4.00 or more.

We’ll update by 10 am EST.

Best wishes.  

Your Predictive Financial Services Team

Predictive Financial Services