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Tomorrow, Netflix - beat or bust?

In the past year, Netflix has risen about 100%. It's been one of the best performing Nasdaq stocks. For us, it's been a highly successful stock that's made excellent profits for us and our Clients. But will this dream run end tomorrow? Will Netflix report something, either in earnings or guidance, that will shoot the stock down? Now, Netflix is more valuable than Disney (Disney was once rumored to buy Netflix). The main issue will be international subscriber growth. Will subscriber growth top expectations yet again? Young people around the globe now say "Netflix" to mean "television". Streaming is becoming the new norm. Especially in the huge, new markets of the developing world like India, Netflix is way ahead of competitors. Netflix is better known that most U.S. companies. If this subscriber growth flags, or if there is the tiniest detail in guidance that the Market hesitates on, Netflix stock tomorrow may plummet. We haven't decided yet about our Position but we will do so before the Close tomorrow. We hope that you'll join us.

During times like this, to avoid losses and maximize profits, investors should consider derivatives such as options.  This is when Options can become very profitable as big stock rises and falls become common. Usually, we do especially well during times like this.  We're preparing our Positions now so we hope that you'll join us.

Remember - options investors can profit whether the Market rises or falls. 

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As results vary from day to day, and week to week, it’s important to focus on overall results to see how our Weekly Option Service may help you in the coming months and over the longer term.  Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. 

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* ​Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. All prices are before brokerage. ​
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