Will Bears re-emerge next week?

This week, we had good results mainly due to the Market’s satisfaction with the U.S. Midterm election results. But the contentment may not last as several factors are becoming of more concern to Markets worldwide – rising interest rates that the Federal Reserve seems intent on maintaining, weaker housing demand, softer forward looking guidance by many U.S. companies and slowing business investment. Plus of course continuing trade war issues. Not a bullish environment. So, as we profited from the U.S. election results this week, we may be profiting from growing Bearish sentiment next week.

We'll be ready to bank profits either way as we, as options investors, may benefit

whether the Market rises or falls. 

During times like this, to avoid losses and maximize profits, investors should consider derivatives such as options.  This is when Options can become very profitable as big stock rises and falls become common. Usually, we do especially well during times like this.  We're preparing our Positions now so we hope that you'll join us.

Remember - options investors can profit whether the Market rises or falls. 

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As results vary from day to day, and week to week, it’s important to focus on overall results to see how our Weekly Option Service may help you in the coming months and over the longer term.  Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. 

We hope that we can work together this coming week,

and in the future, on an ongoing basis. 

Best wishes. 

Your Predictive Financial Services Team 


* ​Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. All prices are before brokerage. ​
Losses do and will occur. Please see full Track Record page for complete details

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